Charles Leaver is a veteran of the high tech industry

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Charles Leaver is a veteran of the high tech industry who first got involved in the field back in 1982. He joined a company called DA/EE as an entry-level employee. However, through hard work and a commitment to excellence, Charles Leaver was able to climb the company’s ladder and eventually found himself in senior leadership. He took over as Chief Executive Officer after a relatively short period. This is an example of Charles Leaver’s work ethic and his ability to provide leadership. Charles Leaver today works as a specialist and advisor, working particularly with companies and organization on their new market development, capital expansion, and equity issues.


Charles Leaver is the Chief Executive Officer of Ziften

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Charles Leaver is a very experienced businessman. He has worked in all sorts of positions for a variety of companies. This includes being successful in a number of different industries. Currently, Charles Leaver is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Ziften. This is a company that specializes in high-tech software solutions. Prior to that, Charles Leaver was a Partner at Trellis Partners, a venture capital firm. Charles Leaver was a respected member of the team and an accomplished partner at the Austin, Texas-based firm. Leaver’s experience in working in mobile, media, and high tech industries has benefited his career today.


Charles Leaver is the Chief Executive Officer

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Charles Leaver is the Chief Executive Officer of a company called Ziften, having previously served as the Chairman of the Board of Directors, too. Before he was working at Ziften, though, Charles leaver was a Partner with a venture capital firm. This company was called Trellis Partners and was based out of Austin, Texas. Charles Leaver offers a lot to Ziften as the CEO, bringing more than three decades of experience as an entrepreneur with him. He has extensive experience as a senior executive and as an advisor in the mobile, media, high-tech industries.

Charles Leaver’s career in high tech industry began in 1982. His experience in the sales and management side of business includes ERP, web application development, E-Learning, gaming, application software and infrastructure technologies.

DA/EE is a company that Charles Leaver joined as an entry-level employee and eventually would become Chief Executive Officer of. He eventually held responsibility for the strategic development of the company, as well as revenue growth. He would eventually drive DA/EE’s public offering up to a $750 million market cap. Today, Charles Leaver’s experience as an entrepreneur and innovator is being used to help him advise organizations in the field of new market development, equity, and capital expansion. Charles Leaver has been able to consistently push technological entrepreneurship to the edge in his quest to help consumers and grow business.

Charles Leaver has a great deal of experience in the international business world. He has owned, managed, and advised online and mobile lotteries in Latin America, Asia, and Europe. This includes the granting of patents on mobile phones, gaming, and mobile phone lottery in Brazil. Throughout this lengthy career in dealing with international technology companies and initiatives, Charles Leaver has been able to prove that he can bring new technologies to market successfully.

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